About Apella

Apella was founded in 2014 by two financial advisors, Patrick Sweeny and David Connelly, who were passionate about finding a better way to help investors achieve their long-term goals.
Their vision was to build a different kind of company that was based on four guiding principles:


We are fiduciaries and believe in putting our clients’ interests above our own. Always.


We recognize that investors are unique, deserve individual attention, and are not an algorithm or numbers on a spreadsheet.


Our experienced financial professionals are personally invested in preserving clients’ capital, growing their wealth, and helping them achieve their financial futures.


We are committed not just to saying the right things, but to actually doing the things we say.


A dedicated team of Advisors & specialists, working together for You

Our professionals are passionate, hard-working individuals who truly want to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. They are personally invested in helping you plan for—and achieve —your preferred financial future.

Our team has decades of experience in all the critical areas that help make up a successful financial plan. We have the scale to serve backed by personalized, hands-on service and support, including paraplanners, operations staff, a full suite of the latest tools and technology, and experienced professionals in key areas such as college planning, social security, tax management, retirement plans, and more.

We’ll help you anticipate and prepare for life’s biggest financial hurdles, so you can worry less about the future and enjoy today more. And we will provide timely education and communications and exceptional service along the way.

Whether you’re just beginning your personal financial journey, or you’re seeking help with more intricate planning and investment needs, we’re committed to putting our collective knowledge and experience to work for you.

You are how we measure success.

Founded in


Headquartered in

West Hartford, CT

Across the United States

16 Offices

Billion in assets under management and administration (as of 06/30/2024)

$4.02 B

Our Services

Financial Planning, Investment Solutions & Retirement Plan Solutions