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We start by getting to know you. What will you need in retirement? How much risk can you stand or need to take? What other life goals do you have?

Only after we know all of this and more do we start the planning process utilizing the best tools and technology available.

Whatever your needs, Apella can create the right financial plan for you. We offer everything from a simple plan, to an in-depth, multifaceted plan.

Our Atlanta office believes that everyone and every situation is different. We believe that building the wealth you need, managing your portfolio, and creating a lifelong income must be specific to you. 


That’s why we spend whatever time is needed to understand your circumstances, and your needs, and your financial personality to devise the right plan for your present and future needs.

At Apella, we don’t believe in predictions and you’ll never get a hot tip from us. Your investment portfolio is created specifically for you and your situation using true portfolio science. We are never guided by emotions or hunches. All portfolio construction work is based on decades of peer-reviewed academic research. We regularly review our previous assumptions and, when needed, adopt new tools and investments as they prove themselves appropriate.



Our Services

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Guidance
  • Income Management
  • Legacy Counseling

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Apella was built on a foundation of education. We are committed to helping everyone reach their financial goals. We will set aside time to help you with your specific questions or issues.

We encourage you to set up a free, personal meeting to help you get on track to a brighter future using this appointment calendar.


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